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Cumnor Hill House

Care Home

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Breeches End, Cumnor Hill, Oxford, OX2 9FW


Located in a sloping semi-natural woodland setting the site is formed by combining the rear gardens of four properties, which have not been used for a number of years and are now run down and overgrown, where the topography is such that the rear gardens fall steeply away from the road, so together they occupy a large expanse of the quiet hill slope that looks north-west over Green Belt woodland.  


The proposed care home building comprises 72 single occupant bedrooms with en suite shower room, set over three floors. Shared communal facilities comprise an activity room, cinema, private dining room; communal facilities within each bedroom cluster comprise a communal lounge / dining room and kitchen, assisted bathroom, nurses’ station and associated sluice room, and supporting accommodation comprises a managers and administration office. A separate staff-access only area provide offices, staff rest room, changing facilities, main kitchen, laundry, plant room and stores.


Completed: June 2016      


Client: Berkley Care Group

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